Castles & Gardens

The Dordogne region is often referred to as the 'Valley of the 1000 castles'. The area around the Gite abounds with dozens of ancient castles, fortresses and ruins and was the setting for the 100 Years War. A number of the most visited castles in France are located within 10 minutes drive of the Gite, including the imposing Chateau de Beynac and the Chateau de Castelnaud, which houses The Medieval War museum. Perhaps due to the proliferation of chateaux in the area, there is also a number of wonderful Gardens nearby to visit, including Marqueyssac which hosts candlelit events on summer evenings.

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Gastronomy & Markets

The Perigord Noir is famous for its Gastronomy, in particular the production of Foie Gras, some of the most sought after in France. It's black truffles are recognised as some of the best in the world and there is an annual truffle market where the 'black diamonds' attract prices of up to €3000 per kilo. The area is also known as a major producer of strawberries and walnuts and of course, wine. There are many wonderful restaurants nearby, serving local delicacies and there is a Michelin Listed restaurant within strolling distance of the Gite. Sarlat (10km away) also boasts dozens of wonderful places to eat including 'Le Grand Bleu', a Michelin starred restaurant. Sarlat, the best preserved Medieval town in France is also host to the largest market in the Perigord region each Saturday morning, although practically every village in the area still has a weekly market, where locals and tourist mingle whilst leisurely purchasing their weekly provisions. 

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Towns & Villages

The Dordogne boasts 6 of the 50 Officially most beautiful villages in France ("Les Plus Beaux Villages"), all of which are situated within a 10km radius of the Gite. The town of Sarlat is one of the best preserved Medieval towns in France and attracts over 3 million visitors a year.

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Outdoor Activities

The area has many outdoor activities and the Gite is only a 15 minute stroll from the Dordogne river. Here you can find Canoeing facilities, Adventure playgrounds, boating trips and wonderful walks. Many of the best walking and cycle routes can be joined directly from the village, 5 minutes walk from the Gite. A hot air balloon trip, sailing over the river and the tops of the nearby castles is perhaps the most dramatic way to tour the local area, with a ballooning take-off site within a few minutes walk of the Gite.

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Caves & Prehistory
In close proximity to the Vezere valley, the area has many caves and prehistory sites to visit, including the cave paintings and carvings at the newly completed Lascaux complex, as well as the Museum of Natural History at Les Eyzies. Troglodyte dwellings can be visited at The nearby Roque Gageac and there are many caves to be discovered within a half hour drive.

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Family Outings

There are many wonderful family activities within a short drive of the Gite, including adventure playgrounds (Airparc), Le Bournat, a 19th century replica village with traditional funfair, The PreHisto Neanderthal park and the Aquarium with one of the largest collection of Alligators in Europe. There are children's activities at most of the castles in the area, including fencing lessons and falconry.

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