Lascaux International Centre
Distance from Gite - 25km

Newly opened in December 2016 in a state-of-the-art facility, discover perhaps the most famous cave paintings in the world. Offering an exact replica of the original Lascaux cave, you can explore the paintings and carvings of pre-historic man. 
Advance booking strongly recommended.


Prehistory Museum at Les Eyzies
Distance from Gite - 12km

A natural history museum dedicated to prehistoric man including artwork, weapons and other artefacts spanning 400 millennia of man's existence in the Dordogne.


Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac
Distance from Gite - 15km

A cathedral of crystal! Descend into the largest visitable cave in the Perigord and discover an underground vault filled with natural crystal cave formations.


Grottes de Domme
Distance from Gite - 10km

Below the beautiful village of Domme you will find the underground caves where the villagers hid en masse during the 100 Years War. Accessed from the main square of the village.

Website: (French language only)

Roque Saint Christophe
Distance from Gite - 17km

A troglodyte village, over 1km long and 80m high, the largest troglodytic cliff in Europe. Open year round.


Caves & Pre-History